Hendersonville Magazine 2021-2022

As with most great ideas, Hendersonville Magazine was born of necessity. Grace Gordon Hay, a media executive, retired to Henderson County in the early 1980s. As a newcomer, she went searching for information about the area. Nowhere could she find helpful facts, figures, and resources compiled in one accurate, easy-to-read format.

Hay knew that Henderson County was a haven for people such as herself and that they would want that exact information that she sought. So in 1982, Hay published the first edition of Hendersonville Magazine. The pages were filled with facts, history and interesting details about life in the county. With the advent of the second edition, Hay began talking to Joanie Fischer about joining the venture. Fischer joined Hendersonville Magazine in 1984, buying it from Hay in 1987. Adhering to Hay’s philosophy of “just the facts with a few kind words” Fischer continued to grow Hendersonville Magazine into a local institution with an ongoing commitment to high quality content and design. The magazine transitioned from Fischer Publications to Hulsey Media in 2014. Today, Hendersonville Magazine serves as a “who’s who” of businesses and organizations in the Hendersonville area, reaching a desirable audience of visitors, newcomers, and local residents through targeted regional distribution, direct mail, and social media.

The foundation laid by both Grace Hay and Joanie Fischer provides the opportunity to continue the great community tradition of publishing Hendersonville Magazine. The magazine is carried forward with a great sense of responsibility to readers, local marketing partners, and the community.