#LoveHendo Cover

Hendersonville Magazine is celebrating this spirit of camaraderie while offering real support to the small businesses, nonprofits and organizations most impacted by this pandemic.

To accomplish this, advertisers in this special edition will have the opportunity to choose a local business or organization to receive a complimentary ad in the 2020-21 edition.

This special edition will feature messages from community leaders, along with new content sections and recognition of the businesses who sponsored other local businesses and organizations.

To help share the message of #LoveHendo, and to support the community through shopping local, a copy of Hendersonville Magazine will be direct mailed to every new household that moves into Henderson County in the coming year.

By advertising in the special #LoveHendo edition, businesses will benefit from the exposure this publication has offered local entities for the past 39 years, as well as extending support to the local businesses and organizations who need it the most, joining in the effort to help the community return to the Hendersonville so many know and love as quickly as possible.

To hear more about this special edition of Hendersonville Magazine and the #LoveHendo movement, listen in to WTZQ radio segment by clicking here!

To find out how you can participate in the special #LoveHendo edition, contact Hendersonville Magazine by Friday, May 22.

CONTACT: Hendersonville Magazine 828.290.7812