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About Rug & Home

Rug & Home is proud to be supporting the ancient art form of rug weaving, which has survived through the centuries. This incredible art form, which produces the magnificent masterpieces that we offer to our customers, is one that will no longer exist if we do not support it. It is still done the same way that it was done 2500-3000 years ago. There is no automation in this process – everything is still done by hand, whether it is the spinning of the yarns to the dyeing process to the actual knotting and washing of the rugs.

A 9x12 size rugs with 150 knots per square inch will have around 3 million handtied knots in the final rug. It will take four weavers close to six months to weave that rug. Comparatively, hand tufting, which is a process that utilizes a tufting gun that directs yarns into a canvas cloth to produces a rug, is a much quicker process, which makes the price of a rug much, much lower compared to a hand knotted rug.

Every rug that goes into Rug & Home’s showrooms is hand selected and inspected by our buyers. Many of these rugs are brought to you exclusively, directly from the weavers who hand make them. This enables us to support these artisans and to bring our customers the best values and most unique and high quality rugs found anywhere.

We encourage you to follow the journey of our rugs across the days and miles before they reach our stores by viewing this video and learning what it takes to weave a Rug & Home Masterpiece!