For more than a century, Hendersonville has been popular as a summer resort. Today, with an economic base consisting of a balanced mix of industry, agriculture, tourism and retirement, Hendersonville attracts people of all ages, with interests ranging from business opportunities to simply finding congenial surroundings for retirement.

Located on a scenic mountain plateau 2,200 feet above sea level, Hendersonville lies cradled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Hendersonville is often called “The City of Four Seasons,” a name given to it many decades ago by the late Kermit Edney, a local weather expert. Edney and other local observers noted through the years that families who had dreamed of “retiring to Florida” had quickly tired of its unchanging climate. They wanted to experience the change of weather that occurs during the four seasons although they did not want to subject themselves to the rigors of northern winters or the heat of southern summers.

The Hendersonville area seemed ideal – and still does today. With the moderate summers of a mountain climate and with higher mountain ranges to the north and west offering protection from the arctic blasts of storms coming in from the plains and from Canada, Hendersonville’s four distinct yet moderate seasons offer beauty, variety and the opportunity to enjoy year-round golf and other outdoor activities.

This almost perfect climate, combined with excellent health services, a wide variety of housing options and numerous recreational, cultural, volunteer and educational opportunities, continues year after year to earnHendersonville national recognition as one of the best places to live and retire.